If you clicked in the far right footer, that means you're roaming around looking for  something new. Well, this will interest you. It's  good information in between the lousy information we've studied, just to  learn a little bit more, about ourselves and the world we exist in. Tozan Coin was started in 1992. So besides this information we share, we've been coin dealers since then, and collected most of our lives. Gotta do something for fun, besides study all the time, 🙂 even though there is a lot of learning and reading in numismatics. Purchase a copy of TEAT-The Saga of an American Frontiersman, it really is a good read if you like a little fiction in-between your non-fiction and history. In 1996 we started our first website with Xoom.com and GeoCities.com, then in `99 we got a dedicated site, Tozan.com. It has changed a bit every now and then, and would go through revamps every five years or so. Now it is time for another. Hope you like it and what you find below. Here's some study material that will change your life when you put it to use.

Study List

Think & Grow Rich-Napoleon Hill
The Master Key to Riches
Laws of Success

The Greatest Salesman In the World-Og Mandino
The Greatest Miracle in the World
The Greatest Secret in the World
The Gift of Acabar

The Magic of Thinking Big-David Schwartz
The Magic of Believing-Claude M. Bristol
The Biology of Belief-Bruce Lipton
Acres of Diamonds-Russell Conwell
The Science of Getting Rich-Wallace Wattles

Don’t Let Anyone Steal your Dream- Dexter Yeger
Selling America-Rich DeVoss
The Richest Man in Babylon-(1875)George Clayson

None Dare Call it Conspiracy-Gary Allen
The Rockefeller Files

Move Ahead With Possibility Thinking-Robert Schuller
Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do

Your Erroneous Zones-Wayne Dyer
Pulling Your Own Strings
The Power of Intention

Dress for Success-John T. Molloy
The Four Agreements-Don Miguel Ruiz
The Alchemist-Paulo Coelho
The Power of Now- Echert Tolle
The Speed of Trust-Covey

How to Win Friends and Influence People-Dale Carnegie
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
Public Speaking

Winning Through Intimidation-Robert Ringer
Looking Out for Number One
Millionaire Dollar Habits
Action-Nothing Happen Til Something Moves
Restoring The American Dream

How I Found Freedom In an Unfree World-Harry Browne
The Dance of Anger-Harriet Lerner
Women Reality-Anne Wilson Scheaf
Success Through PMA-W. Clement Stone
Illusions-Richard Bach

The Advanced Concepts of Poker-Frank Wallace
Neo Tech Manual-Frank Wallace
Zonpower (Neo Tech publishing )
Enlightenment Made Easy-Isis Monet
The Origin Of Consciousness
and the Decline of the Bicameral Mind- Julian Jaynes

Mass Control-The Engineering of
Human Consciousness- Jim Keith

The Art of Selfishness-David Seabury
The Virtue of Selfishness-Ayn Rand
Atlas Shrugged

1984-George Orwell
Animal Farm
We- by Yevgeny Zamyatin (1921)

Unlimited Power-Tony Robbins
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Power-Michael Korda
Success- M.Korda
The Silva Mind Control Method-Jose Silva
One-Upmanship-Stephen Potter
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind-Murphy

Self Talk
What you say when you talk to yourself-Shad Helmstetter
Anything you can read on "Self Hypnosis"
The Art of Persuasion-Bob Berg (ref. Blaise Pascal)

Anything you can read by:
Vernon Howard
Zig Zigler
David Icke
Larken Rose
Denis Waitley - (The Psychology of Winning)
How To Be a Good Negotiator -Michael Wheeler (ref. Ted Dawson)
Body Language -Allan Pease (Anything you can read.)
`NLP’ - Books & Videos
The End of All Evil- Jeremy Locke
The Most Dangerous Superstition-Larken Rose
Suns of God- D.M. Murdock (S. Acharya)
Subliminal Seduction-Wilson Bryan Key
Hidden Persuaders-Vance Packard
The Manipulated Man-Esther Vilar
Confessions of an Economic Hitman-John Perkins

Success (Magazine)

Success Motivation Institute (they have a website) SMI

You-Tube Vides, Movie Metaphors and Allegories

Mark Passio- Natural Law-
The Real Laws of Attraction
Morning Afternoon & Evening
Cosmic Abandonment
New Age Bullshit
The Trivium
De-Mystifying The Occult
Allegorical breakdown of the 3 Matrix Movies-The Matrix Decoded
Michael Tsarion- Origins & Oracles 20 set DVD
JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick-YouTube
The Truth About The United States, Law & YOU
You Tube ID “Barnone11970’

Any videos you can find from:
Vernon Howard
Jordan Maxwell
Tony Robbins- Study of NLP
(Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Echert Tolle
David Icke
Michael Tsarion
Wayne Dyer

Illusion, Magic & Tricksters
(ie. polititians, religions, lawyers, culture,
conventional thinking, misdirection, psychology,
Derren Brown- British magician
The Masked Magician 

The Illusionist-Edward Norton
Equilibrium-Christian Bale
Revolver-with Jason Statham
Battlefield Earth-John Travolta
The Matrix- 3 complete Movies
The Time Machine (2002)
Swordfish-John Travolta
Go to Youtube and type in-
Birth Certificate Bond (and)
Accepted For Value
There is a reason why someone like Donald Trump can file for bankruptcy and still come out of it debt free and still a millionaire. He has access to his Certificate of Live Birth Bond-which is traded and controlled by the International monetary fund & traded on the Stock Exchange. Yours is worth millions, too!
Keep in mind this control system is not just in the Americas. It is on the Entire Earth.
PS. This should be enough to study for about 5 years while your’e living your life. Then re-read it all. It will have additional meaning because you will have five more years of life experience and knowledge, practicing your skills and living your life. It will be your responsibility to figure it all out in your life. It’s value or valuelessness. Your philosophies says `The teachings of Absolute Freedom’. Not `partial’ freedom. Not freedom with exceptions, not freedom with `external rulers’, not freedom with cultural and social controls.“The teachings of ABSOLUTE Freedom.” YOU have to figure out what all that means. Is it true as in `Absolute’, or is it “The teachings of Limited Freedom”? YOU need to find out what is going on and what all this `actually’ means.-`Absolute Freedom’ is truth. Now you need to discover the magic tricks in the world that try to place your life and mind in a cage. 90% of all this is free today and available at your public library. Get a library card otherwise you will be spending a small fortune on your education, and it will already be costing you your time. And time is life, remember that. Time is NOT money. Time is LIFE. and it is a limited commodity. Learn to use your time wisely. What do you SPEND your time on? What do you PAY attention to?
Don’t be overwhelmed. It’s just one bite at a time. Take the first step, keep moving and don’t look back.