This book is about Isaiah Dorman, General Custer's Sioux Indian language interpreter, who accompanied the Seventh Cavalry regiment on the ill-fated expedition that culminated in the well-known disaster at the Little Big Horn River in the state of Montana. Isaiah, unfortunately, was also killed there.

It is believed that Isaiah was born a black slave on the D'Orman tobacco plantation in the state of Louisiana in 1821. He escaped from the plantation around 1849, and traveled west to Indian territory. Historians, namely Stanley Vestal, and others, have been unable to reflect on his life, primarily because of lack of specific data. After 1861, there is ample data to support some of his activities to the date and time of his death on June 25, 1876.

This book attempts to recreate that period of his life (1821-1865) that is undocumented, except for brief mentions by Chief Sitting Bull, of their special relationship between 1856-1869, and for periods between 1865-1876, that are unaccounted for. It is believed that Isaiah knew Red Cloud and Chief Crazy Horse quite well. It is also documented that he held a very close relationship with Sitting Bull, the last-known person to see him alive.

"TEAT"-the saga of a black American frontiersman, is based on eyewittness accounts, documents from the archives of the United States Army, and historical sources.

"TEAT-The Saga of An American Frontiersman"  by Theodore Anthony Gould
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