Summer In El Salvador

`Tozan' welcomes YOU to a Happy Chinese New Year of The Rooster.


Millennium of 911. Government can pretend to give you Security, but actual Security comes from within. Will that artificial security cost you your Freedoms and Rights? Freedom or Equality? Can you have Both? We were NOT born equal. We all ONLY have  Equal Rights, designed according to Natural Law. The Laws of the Universe. No one can grant them, nor can anyone take them away, nor can you delegate those responsibilities (Rights) to another. And Equal Time. Twenty Four hours in the day. What do YOU do with your time? What do YOU `Pay Attention'  to? What do YOU `Spend Your Time' on? *Clue-These are  Spiritual Currencies. How do YOU invest them?

Below are links. Some may interest you, some may not. Some will keep you on Some will take you to other sites. We are NOT in this world to Neo-cheat you, manipulate, deceive or persuade you. We deal ONLY with having an `accurate perception of reality' and are ONLY interested in Truth.  Is it time you start accepting personal responsibility for everything in your life? We share experiences and knowledge and information. It is up to YOU to gain understanding and turn that into wisdom, through Action and Experience. The Trivium and Quadrivium, if you'd like to learn something new. If you don't like learning, this site isn't for you. If you don't read books, this site isn't for you. If you DO like learning, about yourself, the microcosm, and the universe you exist in, the macrocosm, than we are not concerned about holding or losing your interest, or wandering from our site without purchasing something. Should you leave this site for a link we have sent you off to, we hope you will find something new to learn. This is a place you can feel comfortable returning to, to learn, grow, hear the truth and not be lied to.

Join our list. Hang Out With Us. Read our Blog. And contribute. We do NOT think with our emotions, so we expect you to do the same. We think with our minds, intuition, and conscience (common sense). You have a right to choose `Willful Ignorance', and we do not have the right to take that right away from you, but I would recommend you take that choice elsewhere.